Hi! I’m Mattia Perfumo, an italian CyberSec enthusiast. I’m currently studying CyberSecurity at the university of Milan (UNIMI).


I’ve partecipated to the 2021 edition of the cybersecurity program Cyberchallenge, with my teammates we created the K!nd4SUS UniMi ctf team.


I’ve partecipated to the 2022 edition of the italian high school cybersecurity Olimpycs (olicyber). I’ve achieved the 20th place.


Languages I’m confident with

  • Java
  • Python
  • C
  • Golang
  • Dart (Flutter framework)


My latest project is Mainstage

I’ve developed an android mobile app, called Garrix FanZone. I’m working on upload it on github. The rest of my projects can be found on my Github account

If You want to create something cool with me, You can contact me via Telegram